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Hybrid Implants

Replacement of a missing tooth has advanced from removable dentures to fixed dentures and quite recently to dental implants. The need of sufficient bone around the fixture is critical for the success of the implant.

When there is insufficient bone to place a regular implant fixture, it is not possible to restore the tooth unless advanced surgeries are performed over a period of 6- 12 months.

A Hybrid dental implant was aimed to manage such situations where there is a insuffecient bone and immediate replacement is required, this implant system has the advantage of avoiding sinus lift, nerve damage and bone grafting.

A hybrid dental implant is a conjunction of a maxillofacial plate and screws with a regular implant body. These implants have emerged as an alternate to other dental implants when they cannot be placed or they fail to be accepted.

A Fixed prosthesis can be delivered immediately following the placement of a Hybrid Implant. This implant system and process is practiced by highly skilled surgeons and we have very few across the globe.


Hybrid implants are indicated in the following:

  • When there is no bone to place other dental implants
  • When other alveolar implants are failed to be accepted
  • If patient wants immediate replacement even in compromised bone


The advantages of hybrid implants include:

  • No second surgery required
  • No bone grafting required
  • No sinus lift
  • No ridge split
  • No need to wait for 3-6 month for osseointegration
  • Immediate crown/cap can be placed
  • Can be used in diabetics and smokers too

Dr. Sudhakar Reddy, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgereon & Implantologist, a consultant at our clinic has sucessfully completed a Hybrid Impant case, which is the first in the state where the surgery was done soon after the extraction. A case where a normal dental impant would have not been a success unless done with a sinus lift and a waiting period of 1 year .

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