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Dr. Jyothi offers gum related treatments which include gum and jawbone correction for periodontal disease, birth defect, and traumatic injuries. She also performs gum recession and gummy smile treatment to help improve your facial appearance and smile.

Gum and Jawbone Corrective Treatments

Gum and jawbone corrective treatments are performed to enhance your facial appearance and smile. Some of the conditions such as periodontal disease, birth defect, and traumatic injuries may necessitate gum and jawbone corrective treatments.

Gum Recession

Gum recession is a commonly occurring dental problem in which the edge of your gum tissue around the teeth tends to pull back towards the root of the teeth. Receding gums makes it easier for the bacteria to multiply in the formed gaps between the teeth and the gum line. Gum recession may damage the surrounding tissues and bony tooth structures; thereby, resulting in tooth loss if not treated in time.

Gummy Smile Treatment

A person is said to have a gummy smile when more than 3 mm of the gums are visible while smiling. A gummy smile is characterised by a larger upper jaw bone when compared to the lower jaw bone, and the appearance of a stretched upper lip, causing an excessive display of gums when a person smiles. A gummy smile can be corrected for both aesthetic and functional aspects.

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