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Hybrid Dental Implant Case

Age: 32 Years

Gender: Female

Brief case description: The Patient wanted her upper left back tooth restored and gave a history of previous Root Canal Treatment (RCT) failures which was attempted twice and had failed.

On examination, the upper molar was grosley distructed and she was adviced to get it extracted and replaced with a regular implant, however since the bone height from the sinius was only 3mm from crest, we adviced extration and sinus lift procedure with bone grafting after 3 months with an implant and restoration of tooth after another 8 mohnths.

The patient did not want any surgical procedure and also had no time as she was leaving the country. We examined and suggested a Hybrid Implant. There was not much bone support for a normal Implant. The extraction was done and immediately a Hybrid Implant was placed and sutured. This surgery was the first of its kind in the state where the implant was placed soon after extraction was done.





Dr. Sudhakara Reddy. k


Oral & Maxillofacial Surgereon & Implantologist
Consultant Implantologist, JYOTHI DENTAL CLINIC

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